Antas-178 Brandschutz-Dichtmittel

Packaging : 300mL, 590mL

antas-DJ-A3-AT178 firestop sealant is specially designed for flame-resistant, fire-stop and joint sealing on horizontal and vertical planes of buildings,pipes and gaps. As a sealant it has excellent performance of flameresistance which save people more time from fire hazard.
Product feature
  1. Excellent fire resistance, which is up to level A3 in GB 23864.
  2. Excellent fireproofing, which is up to level FV-0 in GB/T 2408.
  3. Good adhesion to glass, metal, stone, ceramic and other construction materials.
  4. Good resistance to UV, ozone, water.
  5. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, maintain good flexibility at a range of -50 º C - 150 º C after curing.
  6. Good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealant.
Main purpose
  1. The plugging for construction fireproofing.
  2. The sealing for fireproof and fire-resistant windows and doors.
  3. The fireproof sealing for partition wall and indoor decoration.
  4. The fireproof sealing for wall pipe.
  5. Other fireproof sealing.
Standards compliant
GB/T 24267-2009 SR FV-0(3.0mm) 7.5P
UL 94: 2013
Technical parameters
Technical parameters
Nein. Test items GB/T 24267-2009 index Measured value
1 Appearance Even, exquisite paste, Even, exquisite paste,
no bubble, no skinning, no gel No bubble, no skinning, no gel
2 Sag degree, mm Vertical, mm ≤ 3 0
Horizontal, mm No deformation No deformation
3 Tack free time, h ≤ 3 0.7
4 Extrudability, ml/min ≥ 80 247
5 Elastic recovery rate, % Report 93
6 Tensile adhesion Elongation at break, % ≥25 62
7 Adhesion after tensile compression cycle at the same temperature No destruction No destruction
8 Elongation at break after water immersion, % ≥25 58
9 Mass loss rate, % ≤25 3